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If you want to view a scrollable copy of our current Database, go to our site at NETSOUNDS. You will find the Option to view our Database two thirds the way down the opening page. Read NETSOUNDS instructions for buying and then scroll to your heart's content and see All the info we have always placed onour Databases.
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   As stated on the page "About Us", there are set guidelines for a universal  set of standards for describing the state and condition of all pre-loved records and their covers. Here's a
fuller description of them. Wonderland Records adhere to these  standards.

SS      Still Sealed in the vacuum pack put on the product by the
            manufacturer. Means it's never been opened.
M-       Mint Minus means it has been opened (seal broken) but is
           still flawless with no damage whatsoever.
VG+   Vinyl - may have scuff marks and signs of some wear-and-
           tear but will still play almost perfectly throughout, with only
           barely detectable crackles or pops. A slight noise at the
           beginning is allowable, but the remainder must be nearly
           Cover - May only have the slightest signd of normal wear.
VG      Very Good - The majority of records (worth selling) fall
            into this grading.
            Vinyl - May crackle, pop or make other annoying noises,
            but only occasionally, never continuously, and not more
            loudly than the music being listened to.
            Cover - Normal used cover wear such as ring wear and split
            seams. If there is abnormal damage such as tears or
            markings, but the seller still feels that it qualifies as a "VG"
            the damage must be described in comments attached to
            the item.
G+       Good Plus means it just doesn't quite fit into the "VG" rating
            but is still reasonable.
            Vinyl - may have continuious crackles, pops etc ... but not
            so loud as to make the music completely unlistenable or
            unenjoyable to the casual listener.
            Cover - More than normal wear and tear.
POOR Says it all. Very bad recording and tatty cover. Buyer is
             made aware the product is on it's last legs and buys it
             because they want that particular recording.

Airmail Charges From New Zealand

 New Zealand is a completely sea surrounded country so all mailingsare sent by Airmail. We use First Class as a standard policy to ensure a fast, prompt and efficent delivery service all around the World. We average 2.2 days to ship to the USA because more planes fly direct ex Auckland. The UK and Europe takes about a week at most but rush times like Christmas can see that time-lapse increase to weeks.

Our basic postage and packaging charges are:

CD and 7" discs $5.00 (1) : $7.50 (2) : $9.50 (3) All in USD
12" and LP discs $16.00 (1) : $18.50 (2) : $20 (3) All in USD
CD and 7" discs $8.88 (1) : $9.77 (2) : $10.66 (3) All in AUD
12" and LP discs $13.40 (1) : $15.10 (2) : $ 16.50(3) All in AUD
UK and Rest Of World
CD and 7" discs $10.00 (1) : $15.00 (2) : $19.00 (3) All in NZD
12" and LP discs $22.00 (1) : $27.00 (2) : $33.00 (3) All in NZD

We do not Insure items. The buyer must ask for Insurance if  they want it. We will quote on an item-by-item basis for postal Insurance.

(For Non-Gemm Members)

If you're not a Member of GEMM and don't wish to join them, you can buy directly from us. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. You can pay us directly through PAYPAL too. New Zealand Residents can send us a cheque ( made out to cash for a faster delivery time).
Sending money in the mail directly to us is a risky business and you send it that way at your own risk.


Emailing us should be your first move. Tell us: Who you are. What you want. Where you live (Country) and how you wish to pay. We will email back the availability and all-up price
including the post and packaging charge.